No Matter What, No Matter What

No matter what

You're all that matters to me

As long as I'm with you

That's all I need

You make me feel so happy & secure

You're the only one I want...forever 


I can always count on your support

You're love is one strong fort

You protect me & love me like an angel

One so determined, so perservered

I know I've let you down one too many times

But I know you'll always love me & I'll never let that go by 


Your strength is what drives me

Drives me to my goals

You make laugh so much 

And that...that'll never get old 

The way you laugh & your wonderful smile melts my heart

Me & you...we will never be torn apart 


I'll always hold your hand

Even after death 

Your eyes are so stunning 

I have to catch my breath 

Your voice makes me feel so alive

The reality gives me the butterflies 


I never knew we'd be this happy

You lift me up when I feel crappy 

I feel your arms wrap around me 

When all I feel like doing is crying 

I'll never let you go 

No, I WON'T! 

Cuz without you, baby...

There's no future as far as I can see... 


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