Asleep, I travel from my bed.

Like a flash of light across skies.

It’s just a dream, no need to dread.

Colors swirl and dance as I rise.

There is nothing that can stop me.

For once I am finally free.

I’m invincible as I dream.

It is not as bad as it seems.


Sleeping is my only escape.

I am free from what holds me back.

I take any size, any shape.

No longer stuck in the dark black.

I am alone, nothing but grace.

Free, running at my own wild pace.

Nothing holding back, no restrains.

Finally, I am free from chains.


No need to cry for all is well.

God is within her, she won’t fall.

I am able to leave my shell.

It is to Him that I will call.

All the sorrow and all the pain,

Will be worth it, for what we gain.

There is a fire inside my soul.

Put there for the ultimate goal.


When I awake, He’ll still be there.

No longer need to fear this life.

It can be answered in your prayer.

The strength within comes from your strife.

Where would we all be without Him?

There would be no life; dull and dim.

The grace of God is surrounding,

Stand and pray, the bell is sounding.

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