Unconditional Love

When I was a small puppy
I brought smiles to your face
We played and we had fun
You petted me softly
You told me what a good puppy I was

I grew up
I wanted to see you smile
So I jumped and I barked
But you told me to shut up
I didn't understand
So I barked
And you hit me
Now it seems I lost my bark

I had an accident last night
You yelled at me and hit me
I'm sorry
I didn't mean to do it
Please stop it
It hurts

You locked me in a closet
I'm hungry please feed me
I'm hurting inside
Why can't I go outside
Did I do something wrong
I'm sorry but I forgive you
I'm sleepy
I'll close my eyes now

In case I don't wake up
I want to say I'm sorry
And I hope you forgive me
Because I forgive you


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