How Long Has it Been?

It's been 5 years

since we first met

since we saw one another


since nothing mattered

but each other

since I was scared

We were: On

It's been 4 years

since things started

to get complicated

since we were put to the test




4 years since we failed

We were: Off

It's been 3 years

since I tried to tell you the truth

since you tried to do the same

since we both were at

a loss for words

since our feelings re-ignited

secretly, as usual

We were: On

It's been 2 years 

since we made plans

since none of them fell through

since you were mad at me

since I was mad at you

We were: Off

Last year was the same as the year before

except this time you told the truth

this time I did the same

I was ready

you weren't

this time you were scared

and I loved you unconditionally

*Love you Unconditionally

which is why I forgive you

and why I'm waiting

So do me a favor

Hurry up


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