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Veo Tu belleza en tu sonrisa Tu belleza en tus ojos Tu belleza en tu cadencia Tu belleza en tus fragancias.  
What is love? 
What is love? 
Life is what you make it We live on borrowed time But if life is what we make it Then it’s time that I make mine   Hide your sorrow in your pocket To prepare for rainy days
If I had a nickel for every embarrassing or ridiculous situation that I somehow squeezed myself into I would definitely have a few nickels. A good example would be my class trip to Washington DC when I was a junior in high school.
When Friday nights become Saturday mornings. The dew glitters on the grass like a fallen chandelier, casting shards of liquid sun. Coals burn in the fire sending smoke crawling towards the sky.
Funny things are only funny when we have time to laugh, To sing on about jolly nonsense until reality gives us a bath. The tough thing about the rules of funny is that it must begin in pain.
Epiphany I wasn’t sure if it was there But it was Way down in the pit of me Lives my epiphany
I love rhyming I do it all day long Whenever I start rhyming I want to sing a melody   I love rhyming It’s all that I can do
My friendship to you.Its a curious thing.We laugh and we talk.And sometimes we sing.
Thank you. Thank you for every second, every day, every year. Thank you for holding me While I cry, And smiling at me While I laugh. Thank you for your time, your trust, your affection,
I call her the shape shifter She will become a vision of your most impossible fantasy Make you truly believe life is worth living Then laugh at you for ever thinking any of it was real She's so sweet and innocent
For I Exist II
Across an ocean of stars, Above a mountain of garbage. I'll show you the scars, And my hollow of Solace.
Life is...   Life is passion Life is meaning Life is the sun’s shining rays. Life is a game Life is complex Life is the musical sound of laughter. Life is running
life when I was little, I use to curl my hair every morning & put fake flowers in my hair because that was the only beauty I saw in myself.
Flitter, flutter, butterfly in the butter. Aunt, aunt, ant in the sugar. Apple, raffle, snapple in the bottle.
I was lying on my back look up at the ceiling Trying to come up with a wheel or dealing See I kept a diary sense I was young I captured my dreams filled up with kings & queens
Night time comes, the sandman calls, suddenly reality fades fantasy begins, the lights are dim The scene sets, time it has nothing on you no beginning, no end, no middle
Isn't it a pity when you hate the city So no damn good with snake pit lion's den you need someone to be your friend Like Mickey Mouse & Daffy Duck chasing each other in a bush The whole wide world is in quite a rush
Walking thousands of stepsMeasuring footprints left behind Stumbling blocksAnalyzingWalking through slippery roadsDead endsAscending mountains Descending Facing ephemeral seasons
in the dark of the night... beep beep... hush hush Within our world in a rush when push comes to shove we need a hug things in life get pushed under the rug these are desolate times yet we
How long will it take for you to see Life is just an illusion, it’s gonna pass eventually The flesh is just a lie Eventually you’re gonna die But your soul will live on Rejoice in this don’t mourn
I sit here in the tailgate of the truck watching the beautiful orange rays from the sun drift into a dark blue i only have one thing on my mind but I mean hell you always are
when my family gets here I'm gonna call you back when my family gets here I will play with Elmo and watch frozen  play hide and seek and tag down the hallway sing songs and watch their eyes
To see my friends laugh, Brings joy to my heart. Seeing their true happiness, Makes me laugh with them!
When I'm feeling down t turn to my friends, who are clowns, and they help me turn back around
I walk to  somewhere on this grey day within  my life of shrewd colors grey In the grey clouds above I spot a flash  of light
It comes out of nowhere Bright smiles Teasing grins Fond pats on the head Muttered words And it rings out Sweet and gaily Bells on the wind Jokes prance around Eyes lit up
Laying in the bed  With my girl last night  Trying to get some booty But she's putting up a fight   She said "Leave me alone, and let me watch my show" But you know I can't stop
Why regret Don't forget the things you should have done the things you shouldn't've done Live for the regrets Live to do the things no one else would You're still young Live while you're young
Smile Like your teeth are the sun Dance Like no one is watching Laugh Like you’ve never known happiness Sing Like your lungs will never give out Make Friends
The reason I wake The reason I live The reason I try The reason I smile The one thing I love The one thing I need   You.
My world ended So why was it still spinning? Darkness crept in So why was there still light?   How can the Earth still spin And a candle still burn When his heart's stopped beating?  
Now, Joy was filled all over, And sadness is seen in some; Though joyous they would be, they seem sad But sweetness flowed on others minds.   Sadness was filled, by the day’s end
A simple smile can make you feel good for a while
You might mock me I won't be silent.   You may laugh at me I don't care.   You may insult me Because of my Race I know better.  
It is the way each gear ran perfectly, The way the ticks lined up. It was how the metal clashed with me, It couldn’t get enough. Let’s fall, Let’s rise, Then stall, Then surprise.
I'm not the typical female, not even instructions will help. I come with all emotions but avoid sadness. Humor and sarcasm is what I do best, even in the moments that need attention.
Like wind, I'm unpredictable. Bringing a breeze, I cause people to move in my direction and not be still. Making the day that much better, to know I am wanted and not wished to go away.
Genes have made my eyes glow with dark rings, they are also made of the bluest of blues, shimmering in the sunlight, unique in their own way. My hair has never been died or changed,
Wealth is not relevant at the sunsets The sunset is not a place The sunset is a happiness that can only be dream Or is it? The sunset is a sense of security because you know the sunset will lead you to dreams
The sun may set on my summer time, but the smiles stay through school. Yes, the busywork May last too long and the hours pass too slow. But somewhere here I'll find a laugh
Think about your family, Tammy-Lee Look towards the future, Stu-Murr Take a breath, Seth Keep a journal, colonel Record your triumphs, Liumph Go to bed early, Shirley Create realistic goals, noel
Think about your family, Tammy-Lee Look towards the future, Stu-Murr Take a breath, Seth Keep a journal, colonel Record your triumphs, Liumph Go to bed early, Shirley Create realistic goals, noel
Hands shaking, legs aching, back straining with pressure.
What makes you happy?    A question we all ask ourselves.    A lot makes me happy.   
My pictures make me smile. My movies make me giggle. My books take me a while.  But what makes me laugh?   Acting gets stressful. Playing takes energy. My drawing looks awful.
One journey has ended But the new has begun It’s my time to shine It’s my time to breathe It’s my time to shout And show who I can be I love to laugh at the way that they look
Hmmm, lets see "what makes me happy?" I would say the typical money answer However, feeling accomplished makes me happy I feel like nothing can take my joy away
no soul in east williamsburg thinking about something other than walk my baby to school today, pour me a cup of iced coffee and put the lid on, someone spare me some change for a metrocard,
You look in the mirror and you see A human being, to you, that's just not meant to be A person who will never be But it's all a lie But you don't see Because you're trapped In darkness
I've never written a rap before
It’s funny to think things very unfunny Since funny is all things can be. Seriousness is perhaps The most funny thing to me. You might leave your lips un-curled, Your eyelids may sag unamused,
Stupitity done intentionally with well execution in the joke makes me laugh.
      Live life in love, for love is free; as is a smile,      Though sparingly are they given      And mistakes are felt, and apologies dealt,      Though seldom are they forgiven.
I saw a smuge of eyeliner  on her sunned, freckled cheek I wish I didn't have to watch her shimmy  sighing hard  into her jeans or smearing her lipstick  on a dry dark mouth
The heart beats like a thousand drums When in the face of inquiry to another A yearning soul heard over melodious hums
To change, alter, modifyIf I had the power to revolutionize,Every stroke of the brush placed in my right handwould ever so gracefully trace my vision. 
Smile no one will ever know.
As I sit in this car-- I see  toilet somewhere far-- And I hope with all my might, mom will get there soon so I can go!
I will not I will not These words repeat in my head Over and over and over I will not cry Not in front of you I must be strong Because if I’m not strong then who will be
Rules. Are meant to be broken. Promises. Are meant to be kept. Secrets. Are meant to be told. Friendships. Are meant for you to hold. Relationships. Aren't always perfect.
To my old teacher whos class was very borring please retire now
Ohh, but a laugh.As precious as a flower.'Tis not what's in a name.'Tis what is in a laugh with an open hand beside it.     (March 20, 2012)
I'll hold you through the night. For hours, in everyday, in every week. Til It gets cold, alright. No words would be right Just hands to back, to get you geeked I'll hold you through the night.
The Sky is blue,And full of poo,falling, spiralling, down,from white and brown-speckledcreatures They call seagulls. And the moral of this story is-Shit happens.
For some the rain will fall. But for those who laugh and love the rain won't matter at all.
Living like life is short Almost always gets you in trouble Untimely action gives timely punishment Goodly action gives strange rewards Having strength to speak plainly often does little for you
Our happiness can't be judged by the money we haveIt can't be judged by the objects we ownNot even the smile we put on to hideAll the saddness that we've built up inside
I love the way your eyes crinkle up each time you start to laugh, the way you smiled boldly, slyly at me when you caught me staring. I loved the way you blushed even more though, quickly averting your eyes,
Don't listen if you don't want to hear. Don't watch if you don't want to see. You find pain amusing? I'll push you down a flight of stairs. Hear me laugh.   -------  
                                                                                     A Dancers World                                                             
I've lived I've learned I've loved I've learned I've lost I've learned I've lied I've learned I've listened I've learned I've laughed I've learned I've lived
Let Me Borrow Some Time I can do that right? It's not an unreasonable request
Your smile is my sun, your eyes- my entire world. I could only stand back and watch, as everything unfurled.
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