The Road(s) Not Taken


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

‘Bout 10 feet before is where I stood.

I saw them both split,

And, well, I threw a fit,

And refused to pick a side.

One was definitely better than the other,

The other was dark and bitter as my mother.

But both took me far, far away from the sunlight,

And, really it was warm and was shining so bright,

I wanted to stay within it’s warm grasp,

So I ever so carefully made my decision at last.

I hopped right in my car and drove right on past!

Of course I felt bad,

Leaving abruptly--

What am I saying?

That trail was unsightly!

In my brand new sneakers

And feather-sewn cap,

Why would I risk such a mishap?

A snag through a bushel,

A snap and a crack,

And I go tumbling with mud on my back.

So I drive away quickly,

I feel somewhat sickly,

I think I’ll go sleep in my bed.


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