The joke

If I had a nickel for every embarrassing or ridiculous situation that I somehow squeezed myself into I would definitely have a few nickels. A good example would be my class trip to Washington DC when I was a junior in high school. It was a whole weekend spent in our nations capital, we were encouraged to wear dress clothes. So like any high school student I wore slightly unfitting khakis with a slightly too large dress shirt. It was a plain blue and I tucked it into my khakis beneath a brown leather belt, a hand me down from my father. We entered the capital building with butterflies in our stomachs with the prospect of meeting our congressmen. When he finally finished his meeting, we all got a chance to shake his hand and when I went to go eat from the cafeteria, it was at that point in which my friend decided to inform me that I had accidentally tucked my shirt into my underwear. My white briefs were pulled up for all to see as I pranced through our nations capital and met our congressmen. My fruit of the looms would forever be the joke of my schools Washington DC trip and the story of the day at our nations capital. Just when I thought the story would be over, my junior year in college roles around and who is the keynote speaker at graduation? None other than the same congressman who saw my underwear in broad daylight. If I said my life has been a joke, it would be an understatement. Join me next week for the story of when I fell down a flight of steps in front of the soccer team captain and told her to leave me. Or the tale of the time a moth flew in my ear and I was forced to go to the hospital to get it removed. 

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My country


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