The Union

I was lying on my back look up at the ceiling
Trying to come up with a wheel or dealing
See I kept a diary sense I was young
I captured my dreams filled up with kings & queens
far off places with knights and lances
In one such dream I can make things move with my thoughts
Flying guitars through the house
Snap shot moments of the past

Having so much fun with a hope it would last
Trading places with flirting traces
Deep inside we have no reason to hide
Some dreams filter through the manic extreme
Faces with tombstone eyes in their head
It's the walking dead face full with lead
The demonic and deranged
A chance at which to rearrange
Laying back once again
Now I'm being paid a visit of a beloved friend
From the savior I have grown to depend
Yet beneath my window there lies faces, traces and spaces
I got goo on my shoes so at times I sing the blues
Still I dig much deeper then ever before lest I implore
Dreams can teach of many lessons of life
A dash to splash in the ocean of oblivion
The union is when God came to me in his son Jesus
I must confess through all of the madness
There was a chosen way of escape
Through the only key that will open heaven's door

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