My Bestfriend

Your smile is my sun,
your eyes- my entire world.
I could only stand back and watch,
as everything unfurled.

From the first moment i met you,
i wanted you to be mine,
i knew if i had you
that everything would be fine.

You are what i always wanted,
my other missing half-
when nothing else could,
you did everything to make me laugh.

Whether it was in the middle of the day
or the middle of the night
to come save me
you’d drop everything and help me fight-

help me fight the monsters
under my bed,
or when things got worse,
everything inside my head.

You knew every secret,
you knew every word,
you knew every line,
everything like a little boy would.

You held my hand tight,
and we gazed at the stars,
made our wishes in the night
to run away from everything behind these bars-

the bars that locked me in,
the bars that prisoned you away.
But we broke those bars-
broke them and ran so far that day.

Since then all those rules,
never mean that much anymore.
And i know i will be okay,
as long as you never walk out that door.


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