The Nightmare


United States
40° 1' 14.1528" N, 74° 47' 31.992" W

Night time comes, the sandman calls, suddenly reality fades
fantasy begins, the lights are dim
The scene sets, time it has nothing on you
no beginning, no end, no middle

Gently at first, slow and focused, you see it you cry out,
no one hears but you
You scream, you beg, you plead with it to stop, but, it doesn't,
it goes on forever, Suddenly as by stroke of fate, daylight

Then it begins, the reality of the night before
It plays over and over again, every time you blink
Now there's no sound, just images
The day goes forward, precious energy

You yearn to forget, you pray it leaves you
But, it doesn't, it stays, calling you by your name
So you change your face, but it recognizes you always
You put on a façade, you smile always
But its there, and you know, when the evening comes
It will be back, over and over and over
Just repeating itself till you die from it

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