I Love Rhyming: A Free Verse Poem

I love rhyming

I do it all day long

Whenever I start rhyming

I want to sing a melody


I love rhyming

It’s all that I can do

To make me stop my rhyming

Is to kick me with your footwear


I love rhyming

My friends may think I’m weird

They at me a little strange

Like I suddenly grew a moustache


I love rhyming

I like patterns as well

Whenever I see them repeat

My heart begins to expand


I love rhyming

I could go on and on

And my rhymes will still be here

Even after I  kick the bucket


Perhaps I’m a little crazy

Perhaps I am insane

Maybe I am just fine

And it’s you broken in the command center


Or perhaps I am crazy

It’s not a bad way to be

My mind is like a funhouse

And in a funhouse I am emancipated


I love rhyming

And so my tale is done

Now I’ve driven you mad

I hope that you had a good time!


This poem is about: 
Our world


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