For I Exist II

For I Exist II

For I exist as a vapor only to appear for a little why then I am no more
as a heart explodes with the lotion of laughter to unfold I digress
tapestry on the wall has divisions of sought after fervor exposed
for as a young man I used to dream immaculate dreams of kings & queens
a challenge to be free was a question of time my own solution is using my mind
think of a path leading to a barren forest exposed to its elements
as you walk your very soul permeates love filled up in song
long columns of pillars lie on the enchanted barrier as if a whisper
there are things to take notice upon such as moss with green composition
leaves are torn with various colorization of blue, red, & green
as a vortex through the light beams a filtration aura
a whisper leads to an angelic being where sounds of mystical fascination ensue
if only I could touch the very him of its vested garment
then alone again I cry in the very silence of my own thoughts & fears
for I shed a single tear to help numb the inner pain

Come with me bury thee in a barrier by the sea with a sweet melody
the noise had stopped in the forest then I resigned to my hamoc
life is but a mystery then in time you will see the fullest extent of reality
not since Pegasus and Orion have we come into the realization of thought
to proclaim happiness to the mass populace amidst a tragedy left in sullen brevity
for I am here as a fragrance sprayed out on all mankind alive to be
in the moment with love nestled in the very fabric of existence shun the resistance
can't even wink to dismiss this earthly bliss in a time well spent in thought
come with me stay with me as we bask in the vast expanse between space and time
why does one equate logic with fear for in our differences I will show I really care
For I exist as a figment in imaginative thought along the barren path
Everyone seems to be touched by the impulse the very vibration of love's resolve
falling emblems taunt a hidden resolve toward a quest for more but then of what
for I can be reflected as a mirror shown to brighten a heated horizon
perhaps I existed before time began in some quaint little dwelling along the barren sod
we each look through things as if in golden nuggets of thought exposed to the elements
let go of your ambition released for the white dove in the sky will truly fly
for when I came into being I sought love to share with all those faces who truly care

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