Twist and shout slam


Hmmm, lets see "what makes me happy?"

I would say the typical money answer

However, feeling accomplished makes me happy

I feel like nothing can take my joy away

There honestly arent that many people or anything in this world that I am proud of

Not to be selfish but I am actually really proud of me

Throughout all the struggles, I always knew that I had to persevere

I knew that no one was going to get the job done for me, but myself

Thats what I am doing, and that is what I will always keep doing

In my life, the thing I look forward to most is going back to college

Living my dream of becoming a physician's assistant and to help others while they are down

To pick them back up and make them feel good, to feel better

I would have to say that I have a talent in writing, especially about how I truly feel

Pretty much everythingmakes me laugh in some way eithr its inside of my head, for the silly

things, or just something come across

In some way, you have to make YOURSELF happy, you can't rely on people or materialistic things

to make you happy...Those are just temporary

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