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Behold him, single in the sea Yon solitary White Rock lad! Rowing and singing by himself Glumly; why is he sad? Alone he rows, and rows further Into the twilight zone farther
Tiny fairy, Flicker far. Your home of flowers, Your roof of stars.   Long forgotten, Miles away. You will find it,
I am a noted soldier sir. Jeffrey Linton is my name. My attempts to help my country Have brought my name to shame   The attempt on that Chi-Com Is a thing I’ll never deny
She ran to the outside and stood in the highest peak, She looked up at the Sun, who looked like he was going to weep, His rays, tired they were
After a perfect vacation,I was tired and worriedThen retrieved a lay nationTo leave the next day hurried.  
Once upon a time, in a tower- tall, far and kept away lived Rapunzel, a secret princess in her day   Her father, the King made a mistake he could not take back
Twirl on your toes Jump above your head Dance across the floor Leap into the light Don't fear the fight   Blue and green wage war On the god rays of sun As pink twirls above white
My love: Listen you don’t have to say a word, hush. I swear to the stars your eyes make night sky blush. Scarlet hue washes over the moon till dusk;
Open your door, and walk outside.The cool breeze running it's oxygenized fingers through my strong blonde hair.There's no need for negativity at a time like this.
  The old farm stood alone and still. A car made gravel fly. Elise braked and shut the door. “I’m wrecked, why even try?”  
Lavender fields graze the ocean With recently cut stems That signify the Celts nearby Their lasses almost gems.   But the ocean hides a secret,
Thousands of years they’ve been at war. Humans against lab rats. Their skin has changed and genes are sore. “What have we done now cats?”  
the girl with the innocent eyes sadly began to burn. he stuck the matchbox with his hand. what lesson did he learn?   when did it begin? she would ask.
Now you're waking from the night Blinded by aetherial light All the tears have dried You've no more left to cry Wounded by the blade
Mommy's eyes look sad, but she is laughing. Daddy's upstairs he is napping. We sit at dinner waiting alone. The next second is always unknown. Daddy wakes up and everything goes quiet.
In a world full of hate,it makes our fate.Thats saddening and maddening.Cloaked in darknessfrom bearing witenss.Unable to straywithout falling prey.Would a clear picturehelp feeling secure?Could fates be changed, leaving less pained,or persons lef
He had loved herwithout failCaught in a lure,he was pale-For his true love’sfianceewaited aboveto make way-Chorus:Fight for loveFight to liveHe chose to shove
The trees drooped Their leaves hung The branches stooped The wind sung   The boy’s love Was climb trees Others had hands in a glove While he avoided bees   The trees drooped
you had a smile that could direct like the compass rose.
you had a smile that could direct like the compass rose.
Whence the rider came about Looking for a different route He stopped by a water spout And rested there to quench his drought
You must help me to become my best   I'm scared to fly away out from the west   It's nothing. nevermind. I'm here with you    
“Have fun, make new friends, Bo peep”
“Play my jumping game, young miss”
Paintings can never be perfect.A soft thin brush coversAlmost every white space to paint.But paintings still has blurs.  
William is a little boy, l
As I walked on a busy street, Side by side with random people Seeing variety of souls when eyes meet I see joy, love, hatred and trouble   Across the street I see an old lady
     Finding Wings   I met you when I was scared, when I felt lost and alone, But you helped me learn, and now that I’ve grown,
She feels, against her back, the brush of the wall. A dangerous wall, one that is a hundred feet tall.
C#m: With beauty was she blessed Emaj: Yet in stride left a curse—   (Simile)
Who was the man that lived in the opera house? Who was considered a hideous creature? The Phantom with the white mask was he. Behind his mask were deformed features.
The river flows, so sweet and blueFrom the mountain snow, the stream dose comes,The fish are swimming, the children run.Forest shelters those who are true. But few are children, they come no more.They are within, their love unknown.Their sacred pl
You laughed the day I walked into class, I was a number, expecting to pass. You wondered and questioned. How can it be? About a silly little Mexican, like me. You smiled and asked for a schedule,
If a tree falls and no one hears it, does it really make a sound If a student speaks, and no teacher hears it, is it actually profound?   But if a student speaks, and a teacher hears it
Imagine the cage – deep inside your mind The one all seem to fear Draped in Black and far from kind Overwhelming, yet hidden, and near The Beast inside, it rattles the cage We struggle to keep it mute
Luminescence   Long ago, in the ancient days; Whilst the nights lacked the moon herself; There lived a girl with wildest hopes, Than any spirit could envisage.  
In Ancient times there was a tale That’s not so known to one and all, A tale of war, a tale of hate A tale of girls and boys and fate  
You feel the warmth of the sun on your face As he chases the dog down the hill, you trace The land with your eyes as he looks at you and smiles.    "You're too far away!" he yells
The Ballad of Makaveli: The Life & Tragedy I Deaths seen around the corner as the days become night. Sharp and heartless: the motto -- seems to dread right.
ink smeared onto palms touching smelling of slight rust and the ever present sweat sweat off of a workers back who comes home to find what? his wife sitting watching ellen asking questions why are you so tired?
Hair wavy ripples teal tinted aqua skin supple hubble bubble nipples cripples bystanders even when fully sheathed Sweat drips and drops and plops beneath the penholder quivers at sweet nostalgia
“Who the hell do you think you are?” Mother red-faced and angered Threw her bottle at the car. I hugged my Bear, worn and mangled, Kept quiet ‘cause I’m good.
Life is not a game, You’re born to a name. The people you meet will drive you insane, Though most live for that pain.
On an island small and stony Dwelt three mermaids, fair and lovely Hiding from men and matrimony – Leaving their broken hearts under the sea.
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