Innocent Eye

Mommy's eyes look sad, but she is laughing.

Daddy's upstairs he is napping.

We sit at dinner waiting alone.

The next second is always unknown.

Daddy wakes up and everything goes quiet.

I really pray nobody starts a riot.

Mommy puts me to bed, and off I go.

But then I wake up, and where I am I don't know.

It found out mommy left once and for all,

I won't see daddy till i'm big and tall.

Now daddy is alone, and mommy is always sad.

Maybe if I had stopped being bad.

Later mommy found a new guy, and daddy a girl.

Sometimes I feel like I am lost in the world.

Two families, and I dont fit in either one.

I will make things different if I have a son.

He will have both parents at home, and never feel alone.

And no matter what always have a place to go.

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