The Ballad of Makaveli: The Life and Tragedy


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The Ballad of Makaveli: The Life & Tragedy


Deaths seen around the corner as the days become night.

Sharp and heartless: the motto -- seems to dread right.

False pimps, prophets, and players close tight.

Religion doesn’t reside in the streets – only scripture of the great white

Suicide contemplations induce complications – bullet to a thought, he just might.


Bang, bang, bang, -- shoots of hella gun fire,

Flesh of my flesh – sears from black gun power.

Bullets don’t hold names, they bury bodies

Demons implant screams – my dreams, look to haunt me?

Reality’s maddening; -- five shoots reveal deaths tactics are very crafty,

Drafting my death to hear my enemy’s joyful laughing.


Baby Baby -- the notorious lined quote.

Hypnotize to the depth of his soul, my words revoke hope --   

Invoke my wrath, to all who may oppose

For God blesses the dead, and 95’ murdered my foes.


For the devils in the Hennessy – cowards look to murder me.

Suspects unknown -- want my soul -- borrowed and on loan

Gone – buried as a “G”, and --

See as the whole world reminds me…

The Ballad of Makaveli.


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