the girl with the innocent eyes

Wed, 01/25/2017 - 11:53 -- Rudiot

the girl with the innocent eyes

sadly began to burn.

he stuck the matchbox with his hand.

what lesson did he learn?


when did it begin? she would ask.

his hands just loved that girl.

what he did for what he wanted

he would get while she skirled.


her pride kept her there with his hands.

physically and worse,

he broke her down with those rough hands.

what else could she rehearse?


he was so manipulative

she couldn’t help her life.

and what other choice did she have?

to commit suicide!?


he made her black and blue once more.

that was the end of the

girl with the big innocent eyes.

you could say she was free.


his hands were lonely without her

so he struck other things

he washed her blood off of his hands

and threw away their rings.


alone. He was alone again.

no one was there for him

to strike, and love with his rough hand.

he was nothing but grim.


he beat the matchbox with his hand.

what lesson did he learn

well the man with the big rough hands.

finally got burnt.


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