Summer's Joy

After a perfect vacation,
I was tired and worried
Then retrieved a lay nation
To leave the next day hurried.


Vacation spent at distant place,
The weather reflected airspace
And happiness tied loose ends to slip
Over misconceptions of friendship.


After returning by cloud
And outer space,
We drove to a magical place
Drowned in heavy shroud.


Magical place with mystic sky,
The air was dry and hot
And loneliness was strictly high,
Though that soon was rethought.


Incited by fears of being diseased,
The sorrow rashly breezed
And implored the ominous gloom
To incite a dawn of the dark room.


Then at the end of someone's start,
I drowned in your crying allude,
So I knew you had the aptitude
To forge us into one heart.


Soon enough, we began to chat
And still haven't stopped,
Dialogue led boredom to fall flat
Like the limits of love dropped.


Present day has love knots,
The days are not as hot
And loneliness is due numb,
For the cold days are soon to come.


Redirected to sound correction,
Your love is a dream displaced,
Imaginary world replaced
By celestial perfection.


My fears of being lost
Quickly withdrew,
Once I was finally lost
With you.


It's difficult to interview
Being lost with you,
But I know that your embrace
Pauses my time and space.


I can only wait to discover
Your warmth to thaw cold days,
Since I only want to be dazed
With you, my starry lover.

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