She Tried

“Play my jumping game, young miss”

Said the green hopper.

“Oh how fun, the pure bliss!”

She tried and she fumbled.


“Sing my sweet song, gold one”

Sang the sparrow.

“Oh yes, Sparrow, this will be fun!”

She tried and she feared.


“Come taste the flowers, dear thing”

Fluttered the butterfly

“Oh how beautiful your wings!”

She tried and she fled.


“Come climb with me, my dear friend”

Chirped the joyful squirrel.

“Oh the heights to which you ascend!”

She tried and she fell.


“Splash in the cool pond, love”

Gargled the rainbow trout.

“How beautiful the water looks from above!”

She tried and she floundered.


“Come and soar with me, my sweet”

Called the regal eagle.

“Oh to see where earth and air meet!”

She tried and she flailed.


“Come frolic in the meadow, sweetheart”

Pleaded the young faun.

“Oh to jump in the flower’s art!”

She tried and she failed. 


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