The Wanderer

Now you're waking from the night

Blinded by aetherial light

All the tears have dried

You've no more left to cry

Wounded by the blade

Of a wrathful god's debt paid

You awoke to the harsh bright sun

And you're not the only one

Make known the oracle’s word

You were left stranded from the herd

A pack of lemmings lost

No one left to say the cost

All alone with no fear in your heart

You walk on slow to play your part

Left in a cosmos not your own

No one left but not alone

This fate made it your role

To find your long lost soul

Dreams of fire and gold

Cursed with no love and no way to grow old

With a final ember shining in your eyes

Ignite the fire and raise it to the skies

Forego your lust, hold virtue close

For when no one is left to read the blind, man's poems,

if none are left to watch it burn

Is it just a facade for which you yearn?



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