Here With You

You must help me to become my best
I'm scared to fly away out from the west
It's nothing. nevermind. I'm here with you
Okay, lets do our best to work with ease
Each time I fall you're there pulling my sleeve
Be here with you, that's all I want to do
And though I still have not gone very far
I'll do it once again because you are
Here to give me strength I never knew
I have deep in places inside myself
Your help is what I breath in back into health
It's here with you I realized I grew.
My final thoughts are here to settle now.
How do you do you do these evanescent sounds?
And as Time began to still
And I looked at you unitl
And the best things do come true
And your voice, it filled my heart
And to my surprise I found
And my breath, it shortened then
And I can't believe you said to me.
"I love you"
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