The Student Tree


If a tree falls and no one hears it,

does it really make a sound

If a student speaks, and no teacher hears it,

is it actually profound?


But if a student speaks, and a teacher hears it

are we preaching to thin air?

Hearing is not the same as listening

to compare them would be unfair


But oh, if they do LISTEN, 

tell them to answer these few questions

reflect on these answers, don't pity us

just take them as suggestions


We do not have the mind of a two year old, 

contrary to your belief, 

So when you speak to us, speak in a normal pitch

it would cause enormous relief


On another note, we are not adults

just complicated learning teens

to expect us to be perfect 

would me unnecessary, by all means


"oh you guys have it easy"

thats easy for YOU to say

growing up in the 1800's like you

is NOT the same as today


"oh but you have so many resources"

are you talking about the internet?

constant bullying on social media,

sounds more like so many threats


And what about this perfect image,

that we somehow have to maintain?

the perfect friends, the perfect grades,

Expectations go down the drain


I understand that we need to learn the material

just like everyone 

but the antiderivative of  e^x

won't help me in the long run


At least make the material relatable,

so we don't fall asleep in class

I mean how can you blame us

when it all seems like hot gas


"oh you'll thank us later on"

that I have no doubt

but for now Istill question

what this hypocricy is all about


How can you teach us to be successful

when everyone around

is just fighting to fit in

not be "college bound"


I mean personally, I think

I have my goals set straight

But I think I can speak with everyone 

in saying our system isn't great


Don't drone on and on 

about pointless things

making a connection with a student is 

what truly brings



And I don't mean just lit and math

But becoming an intelletual person

Will get us on the right path


Just think about it all, 

If we were actually excited to come to school

maybe all of our grades wouldn't fall


But  go on with what you're doing

and ask us why we don't care

we're just following your example

followed by blank stares


So if a student complains and no one LISTENS

there is no sound, not even a peep

the tree comes crashing on the floor

and the hole is made even more deep









THIS IS SO GOOOOD ! You're going to win the poetry slam for sure. 


Thank you! I really hope so. 


Thank you! I really hope so. 

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