A drunken Love Ballad

Sun, 07/02/2017 - 00:32 -- Neftee

My love:

Listen you don’t have to say a word, hush.

I swear to the stars your eyes make night sky blush.

Scarlet hue washes over the moon till dusk;

When the sun chases the stars back to the dust.

But in our hearts time stands still, clocks are useless.

This whole planet spinning is a bluff.

Darling you should know I tried to get my act together;

For when I saw your face I started imagining forever.

I tried a thousand times to find a line to hide behind

A light to outshine my heart.

I realize I’d rather die than be alive,

In a world where you are not mine.

Darling design, or madness, or joy;

Brought us together in a time.

A time when we were trust-less, but trying to find,

A heart to trust.

maybe just enough trust to fall in love.



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