Honors English: Minorities Enemy


City College of San Francisco
United States

You laughed the day I walked into class,

I was a number, expecting to pass.

You wondered and questioned. How can it be?

About a silly little Mexican, like me.

You smiled and asked for a schedule,

while everyone smirked and ridiculed.

How can it be that I am here.

Doesn't she know I'm teaching honors this year?

In shock you realize I am right

I'd been studying for nights.

To be able to join the elite,

and I shine now in your defeat.

For I am not a typical Mexican so you thought.

I have a passion well taught,

for Literature, and the unknown

while you will realize you've been out grown.

Either way, I left you class

Bowing as I chant kiss my ass.

I join another room,

willing to explore and watch me bloom.

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