Thine Cold Heart of War

Thousands of years they’ve been at war.

Humans against lab rats.

Their skin has changed and genes are sore.

“What have we done now cats?”


The wings of the dark have been shone,

With the claws of sharp steel.

He sits upon his seat of stone,

Ready for his next meal.


His eyes of red bright and coal light,

Have spot that of the evil.

The wings shot out as he soar might.

Grey hands latch out his devil!


I turn and gaze at him with hate.

Creatures like him are sick.

Though at the time he’s fast at rate.

Sinful tongue his will flick.


He then attacks claws out and red.

Battle, “Human!” “Monster!”

By the end she is now cold dead.

Away he shall saunter.


Siren blaring without any care.

Wounds cover his feet,

They now chase him, arms rise, they swear.

He runs but they will meet.


They grab him and now he will bind,

Shackles to his demise.

Thrown in a cell only with his mind.

His sore body shrank in size.


“Why must they do these things to us?

For all I have given,

Their blood is now tainted in lust.

My soul will now be rust.”


“Freak” we cry to for now his cell.

He talks as if we’re wrong!

We shall rid him of this, farewell.

May your pain be ever long.


He hears their cries of how they say,

“Drag him out, he shall die!”

Knowing his fate he bows and prays.

With death he shall now lie.


Fires are sent to his still tall form.

They now engulf and trap.

He calls out the fallen whose warm,

Blood flow the fields and lap.


“To my brethren hear my last plea!

Show this world of our will.

And let my shouts fill thine from me,

Lead an attack with drill.


For my soul will live on from thee.

Strength of ours will live on.

May your world burn down just like me!

My last light of the dawn.”


With his last breath the sun has rose.

And the humans could hear,

The shouts of the many foe were close.

Humans filled with bold fear.


Life isn’t easy for those of the “freaks.”

Humans had them entwine,

And now they are killing the meaks.

For their fear of the new divine.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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