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I know that this sounds crazy, but I just can't seem to let it go. Everyone around me keeps telling me to stop hanging on, and to just go with the flow.
Sometimes I get so lost in my own thoughts that I don't know what to do, My brain is telling me that I need to move on, but my heart only has feelings for you.
I wish there was a well where we could gather at the beginning of the day To greet one another and commit to our desire for holiness. Even if our eyes are sleepy We could meet with empty cups and fill ourselves with life.
I am stuck at home finding random things to do, But all of this time being here just makes me think about you. I don't know when I will see you again, and it is driving me crazy,
Here is a story Left often untold. Of a young lad and his lass,  Unusual to both new and old. The words are aflight And the plot is afoot -- There! Do you see him? Dirty, covered in soot,
Today,  we are more connected  than we ever were before   But just because  reaching each other  is easier, doesn't mean    we understand each other better,
You’d Think Coffee was Some Kind of Miracle Drug 10 PM It’s not like I TRY to stay awake at night. I wonder what she’s doing…
With words that burn and bite and sting, they creep up on your mind and ring until you no longer sleep at night.   There are sounds and smells that remind you of days passed,
I look around and all I see Is empty promises False smiles White lies It seems as if everything we once knew  Everything we once held to be true Is replaced with empty space
The sun and I, Are one.   Both receiving gifts from the other, Gifts that pulse through my bloodstream.   The sun and I are one,
Let me hold you close, Keep you safe, Where nobody knows. Whisper my thoughts into your ear, Pull you in tight, Tell you my worst fear. You can depsise and shun me,
I felt it a few times as a child, being tickled, laying next to you whilst you slept - watching your beautiful face, peaceful. Another time  we went picking for daffodils and blueberries.
No matter how distraught we feel Lost, lonely, and without appeal Poetry reminds us we’re not alone, That everyone else is also prone,  
Instagram embodies a heart shell but negates to incarnate the beat.Rejecting its blood flow, Projecting its cell count to a matter of likes. 
Everybody needs it right? Or even if they don’t need it, they want it. They wish for it, usually with full disregard of their setting:
"Where did the connection go?" He asks as he sits on his phone, his body language screams, "Engrossed in a world that's not his own."
The vibrating sound of the machinery rang loudly throughout the room. I took great pleasure in listening to its penetrating music as I watched her small statured body wreathe against the blood-stained straps
Oh sweet Love of mine there is something you should know. Before you came here, you were the ebb and flow. You knew with all your Being the gift of love and grace.
Dear John,   If you thought the altitude was bad in Colorado, you should feel it up here.   In one breath, I am gone. Sometimes, my mind goes with it...  
Remember dancing, tasting the present, It as fleeting as our movements and our feet Remember hugging, each other on days of sorrow, Freeing feelings caged underneath Our skin
Verse: Mist, in my eyes Ice, heart melts, freeze Dive, into ocean spacious as skies Lie, sea turned bed if dived too deep Still profound, unexplored Wonder, how change will give more
He’s taken the lead Left me in the dust I raised But he’s still looking at me, pulling me through instead The world he’s lived in, explosions of color and haze,
I’m from sunlight shining, Birds singing in early afternoon. The fortress beneath sheltering pine trees, Narrow paths I’ve walked a thousand times.  
Trust. Must be earned! Must be showed! Must be given! Chances are taken. Trust is Proven. Trust is Kept. Connection forms. Bonds Last! FOREVER, Never Broken!
Can the next being in my life, Be somewhat like a revelation? Your mouth being the bible, Preaching me into a trance Falling into your waters Sheba vision realizing its truth
So shallow are these shoreswhere I seem to find only shells.Each step should lead me closer,but, alas, I cannot tell.The salty sea fogs the journey,it no longer is clear.How far must I walk
she looks At him the Cringe The electricity the fire  warmth surrounding  she Looks away connection Lost  
I see people come and go, I see people say goodbye and hello. You cannot deny the feeling that grows, when You and the people join paths. It comes to stay and grow, this feeling.
Thrumming, HummingThe beat of your heart A simple reminder you areAlive.
  After every storm ends lo and Behold the sunshine! Clouds part Disappearing into sunlight. Earth shows you her skin-warming smile again, Forgiving humans their transgressions.
No matter what we do,Sound is made.No matter what century we're in,
We've become night owls, although, seperately, we all have always been. Now we just share the night together. At nine, we are quiet, unsure of what to say, of how to get the conversation going,
"Just be yourself." I've heard that line a thousand times Which self? The one that gets me admiration and respect, or the one who swings between lows and elation,
I can't seem to understand why we aren't connecting.  Your taste still lingers in my mouth. I still smell you, but on strangers in close proximity
No one sees me because I'm scared. There is hardly anything more pleasant than being like those joyfull people. This isn't me, I want to do without restraint. Its been so long since that has happened. I do it for others since they did it for me.
I am me  You are you We are different in more ways than seem true  You are not perfect, and neither am I, You are thin, and I am wide.  But while all of this is true,
The kid only wanted to be understood by his fellow relatives and friends. Problem was that everyone else expected to be understood first and forget about his thoughts. So he did what he taught himself to do,
Ive hidden from connection for so long, kept my distance from people to supposedly save my soul But when I look back ive only hurt my self because all of them have moved on I am here still disconnected Nothing to say
I paused in the presence of sound. It played like gentle background music Set within a silent, theatrical film. Everything melted away so quickly.   I became more than a miniscule thread
Deeper He presses himself Into my thoughts Thighs Fluttering, blood swirling, Thump  Thump  Thumping  heart. He speedily presses his 
Love is the essence of pure thought
This generation-we're underestimated. We sit, watch, take in, tweet, gram, filter, like, endlessly, uselessly! Endlessly the underestimate us, call us useless. But are they right? Should we be underestimated?  
"Speak up!" They say, "You're too quiet."
You are not my parents Because you layed in bed and had sex. But because you love me and care for me.   You are not my friend  Because we share laughs and hugs.
Upendo; I miss you Your not just simple attraction, you know That feeling you feel when someone your feeling is feeling you Up
I want to rip out my heart to get rid of the pain. Im not ready for the next lifetime. Just take this feeling in between my breast away. Make the time go pass. When you're out of my mind.
  I stand on a corner Glistening skyscrapers above Smooth concrete below   I stand and wait
I write this to my father I hope I make you proud Across the widest canyons Can you hear me now?
  Don't imprison me with your determined boundaries of fear and unhappiness  My love is real, unwavering Don't hold me so close, so tight I can't breathe  My breathe is for you, unheedingly 
I do not see your physical body Your physicality is beautiful beyond measure Your personality eminates frequencies of joy beyond conception Your character stands tall with virtue and honesty
The tick tick ticking of time passing by The climbing numbers of a clock while, My mother tells me to stop, the minute hand Whispers to the hairs stretching up I plant seeds that I never see
Left in world, Where everyone hides, Behind a false face, Generality resides.
I will change how you perceive me The world is waiting Clouds clearing Our eyes finally esteemed to what really may be I believe the allusion has sewn our seam The allusion of difficulty 
Kiss me nowKeep me closeHug me when you need me most. Say goodbyeSay helloOnly you and I would know. My heart beats
  The Sun sets every noon at twelve o’clock in June. Square shell feathers chirping in their square straw nests, Hung in the middle of a tree, Whose grown in line like army rows, missing leaves.  
She's broken inside with nowhere to hide, yet she has everything in the world. She's got family and friends and the spoiling never ends. But what she wants  is just a connection. Where is he? 
No matter how much I express myself and people sympathize to understand, there's still that part of me that's never really known. All alone. It craves to have light shed upon it,
Your brown eyes made me shake, as I approached. Your laugh touched my heart, as we connected. Your smile shook my soul, as we danced together. When we connect again, smiles creep up.
Your brown eyes made me shake, as I approached. Your laugh touched my heart, as we connected. Your smile shook my soul, as we danced together. When we connect again, smiles creep up.
  Your brown eyes made me shake, as I approached. Your laugh touched my heart, as we connected. Your smile shook my soul, as we danced together. When we connect again, smiles creep up.
I think I could go on hours and hours with you I needn’t worry because You get it—the smell of dirt in the night air Is just the same indeed as a rotting post in a field In the sunshine with a baseball bat,
This day was coming We saw it from the horizon And how akward it is Now that we can hold it in our hands   But It'll pass us by This is just a new beginning Because we know somewhere deep down
AFTER Hang the head in shame for the days that plague me Forsake the days that remain The heaviness of my soul, a bare witness to the sheer pain the earth provides
Unlike raindrops Two people cant be in the same place at the same time They can be next to each other But they cannot be where the other is Unless of course those two people are the same person As one they join Like water falling from the sky, the
I write because The connection from my brain to my hand is Stronger than the one from my brain to my mouth. And when my hand moves across the blank page It pours passion right out of the pen.
that bad boy you love so much hardly anyone you know seems to like him they don’t seem to understand him quite like you do. he’s fun, light, and charming he’s dark, soulful, and brooding
On the lofty, grassy hill I stand Facing toward the eastern dawning light Slowly rising, lighting the damp land Silence broken by the fowl of no flight
  On the lofty, grassy hill I stand Facing toward the eastern dawning light Slowly rising, lighting the damp land Silence broken by the fowl of no flight
My breath releases cosmic realities, dances with our collective senses. My feet sweep across the skin of Mother Earthas my back is caressed by the songs of Father Sun.
Why do I write poetry, you may ask? Is it to satisfy a homework task? To practice rhyming fancy words, As if I were an English nerd? But that is not it.  You couldn’t be more wrong.
You think I'm scared of sounding stupid. You tell me it's all right, that I'm "mysterious," That you se the cracks of sunshine bursting through my mask and you want to smash it and set me free.
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