Tapestry of Life




Step back so you can see

Look over Life’s tapestry

Some of the edges are frayed

And some of the colors fade

While others seem to brighten

Some threads up and tighten

Yet still others loosely droop

Strung together in a group

Making and crossing the lines

Weaving into life’s designs


You are but a single thread

Going wherever you’re led

Threads that, are both long and short

Threads of every kind of sort

They twist and bend to portray

Every moment of the day

Made from all different strings

It’s showing what life brings

Crafted by skilled unseen hands

It spreads over all lands


Usually we don’t know

Where we are going to go

Life can be so chaotic

Yet this is so exotic

Each strand sets itself apart

Yet connect to play their part

No path follows the same route

Instead winding in and out

They create this work of art

With each string touching your heart


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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