Empty World

I look around and all I see

Is empty promises

False smiles

White lies

It seems as if everything we once knew 

Everything we once held to be true

Is replaced with empty space

Parents sitting across from their kids on their phones

Where is the connection

It seems we are in the age of "connecting"

But who are we really connecting with besides wifi

Neglect seems more normal 

Not having to speak to your children

"I love you" pops up on a screen 

But does it actually mean anything anymore

It is like in the world we built for ourself

We created an emotional cut off

Simple letters on a screen are supposed to convey affection?

Every moment spent starring at a screen 

Is moments lost starring into the eyes of people who love you

Every time we tune out others around us

We miss hearing the world 

Except there is soon becoming nothing to hear

Just silence

A subway, a place to travel

Used to be a space where you were forced to meet others

You learn things from the interactions

It used to be filled with laughter and chatter

But now its just silent

I see people smiling for a photo

But then the smile just disapears

It depletes into saddness

Emptiness surrounds us


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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