Abstract Connection [song] - DOG DAYS ARE OVER

He’s taken the lead
Left me in the dust I raised
But he’s still looking at me, pulling me through instead
The world he’s lived in, explosions of color and haze,
I can still feel, I can still feel, I can still feel, the loneness on your face

Drunk off intoxicating curiosity, wasted on lying saint-demons
Already made love to the one he loves,
I know we’re tryna be sensitive here,
But I can’t sense where I fly in words of your doves
They tell me this and that,
How we’re both learning to fly,
Trying to live the most before we die.

Asked me if I still like him,
Told him all that lingers within me won’t reach him
Strange feeling he’d ask, happy for ‘em I told him
Stranger (that) I felt danger and was nervous once said what they’d done.

Drunk off times together, wasted on singing (songs) in sync
Already made love into something I could recognize
I know we’re trying to find ourselves in each other here,
yet I still see right through you, like glass, stars in your eyes,
They shined when you smiled at my growth (My opened cage)
How I was learning to fly
Trying to grow the most before I die.

Had you over today
This place felt like home again; reminded me of how
Finding someone for me,
Would shape my words and phrases
Into something other than hopeless poems/lyrics for a love song that could’ve been,
A whole lot better than the one I’d in mind...
Searching for a place, time, person to rest my bones and heart with to find...

Feel like I’m out of my mind
Suddenly I want(ed) to cry
But that’s not why,
I wonder why,
I wonder why.

Feel like I’m out of my mind
Suddenly I want(ed) to cry
But that’s not why,
I wonder why,
I wonder why.

Drunk off times together, wasted tears of our own youth
Singing love into something we won’t recognize anytime soon
I was broken and found crumbs of me in you
Saw they were seeds, finally starting to grow
They crossed paths with yours, knocked on your doors
Now we’ve learned new ways to touch the sky
Without flying, Growing more before we die...
You and I...
And it’s not just you and I...

Blood of wine
In the veins of mine
Better as I age,
Hope I can handle the rage,
Handle my sake...

Blood of wine
In the veins of him, them, and mine
Better as we age,
Hope we handle the rage,
Handle our sake...

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