Heart to Heart

Thrumming, Humming
The beat of your heart 
A simple reminder you are

To live is not to wake up and drone on
Living is making your heart beat faster
Flutter and drum away
Forming the rhythm of life
Undeniable, undescribable, and beautiful

But the rhythm of life is not the sound of one drum
It is the cacophonous symphony that the world creates


The slow pound of a single heart beat is isolated
It is lonely and unbearable
We, humans, cannot exist alone
Our heart grows weary without the pulse of the others pushing it on

We need each other
I need life and a heartbeat
Reminding me I that I am part of an experience
I am subject to the human condition as are you.

But it is less lonely together and for that
I need you as you need me.
Together we have perspective
We have emotion
We have conflict and chaos
We have love and connection
We have what it means to be human

It is only as my heart distantly hears another
After being stranded, confined to isolation
My heart quickens to the beat of another
Together, in sync and

This poem is about: 
Our world


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