Where I'm From

I’m from sunlight shining,

Birds singing in early afternoon.

The fortress beneath sheltering pine trees,

Narrow paths I’ve walked a thousand times.


I’m from my mother’s contagious laughter.

My father’s gentle smile.

My brother’s unending patience.

My sister’s will to flourish.


I’m from the 9-year-old girl crying the name “Daddy”,

As he lays motionless during his own funeral.

The image of Dad’s sickly, but smiling face burns in my mind.

I come from the cold, metal bench that holds memories of him,

The bench we planted to suppress our grief.


I’m from the leaves of the trees, shaking in the wind

I’m from the shade that is used and forgotten.

I’m from the dust that trembles unnoticed.

I’m from the deep, dark space that grows and shrinks.

I come from each speck on the Earth

My heart lies in the core of the universe.

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