Oh sweet Love of mine there is something you should know.

Before you came here, you were the ebb and flow.

You knew with all your Being the gift of love and grace.

You knew believing is seeing, for belief created Life, including the Human Race.

You knew this life would be different from any other time.

You knew you would remember your true nature, you always followed my signs.

It's true your social identity has long gotten in your way,

but for this reason you have found me, the molder of the clay.

You came here with a set of intentions made before your birth,

to be a deliberate creator that did not question yours or anothers worth.

You knew life would provide contrast that would produce an aray of preferences. 

You knew the benefit of claiming the desires that would be born from these differences.

You knew that you would create whatever it is you thought, 

and threw the power of intent you would shape what would be brought.

By identifying self with any of these stories made up in the mind, 

you gained clarity on the images in which you chose to design.

This creative power inspired your path of Happily Ever After,

for you always wished to live a life of Trust, Joy and Laughter. 

This desire is my gift to you my Love, for only you can create Heaven from above.

In every moment I send you guidance, support and encouragement,

to be the guiding light of my eternal natures resurgence. 

You will always want more and be grateful for all that has come, 

because in all eternity the fun is never done. 

There may be those who try to bring you down, 

simply because of the satisfaction and joy that you have found.

Just remember that they too want to feel good and free,

they just forgot what it meant to be ME and WE. 

They too are always guided home, some choose to listen while some choose to condone.

You will choose to see no enemy,

for I am you and you are me. 

Instead you trust that they too may find, 

the love and joy that comes from inside.

Nurture your emotions and water your fertile ground,

There is not a moment I'm not with you, just listen for my sound. 

You'll know its me by the supportive love and care,

I will always love you unconditionally, this is never rare. 

Happy Creations my Dearly Beloved I cherish each precious moment you are here with me.

From this day forward may you revel in the childish play of Make Believe. 

Yours Truly,

The God from Within

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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