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Block this, block that Black this, black that I am sick and tired Of seeing the hatred
" Paradigm Shift" is what they have named it- this period, so frightening- with all its devastation. But as with every change- ( transitionings' upheaval) there is still growth
We scorn violence, yet indulge in violent means. We look for peace in all the wrong places. We walk on clouds, call them thorns. We are lucky yet we starve. Starve for more, whether it be something we have already. We walk among the rest of the wo
I don't understand why people always say they care Then a month later, they go and disappear.  It leaves me locked up in a dark state of mind.  Happiness nowhere to find.   
There is such                               Hate.    Such hate in                                The world.    Our society thrives off of 
Look around at the world you see The waters so deep The sky so clean The mountains so high The trees so green  
Never leaving time or space; Always evolving but never a race. We see them for their fabled powers, But inside us their strength flowers.  
So, this is the world  It’s colder than I remember Childhood felt like the warmth of May These days feel more like December   So, this is the world 
We’re just enigmas The stigmas I don’t understand it The world, how will I manage A new generation full of ideas reprimanded Millennial
The world, a child  her mind, a chamber  for nurtouring thoughts  no creature could blame her   stained skin  with blood so pure  they crave for her veins  In search for a cure 
Bitter and hot, the coffee slides down her throat. Soft, tired eyes stare at nothing. A distant intimacy envelops her.   A mother scrubs at a stain on a shirt.
Do I want It? 23, responsibility free Single? (possibly ready to mingle) Five years master (double major) Beautiful disaster, double the wager
Between the World and Me   It’s a long ride Home from school It’s a long walk
My Youth  The World, the world, the world, Tiny, Big the world, It’s round or square, it’s in the Air! It’s here or there, it’s everywhere, It’s Blue, Green and full of We. It’s We the People, the Strong and Free. 
The world is a maze of good and bad. There are times when we are happy and times when we are sad.
This rat race, it’s one bad place Where I can’t breathe and I can’t see Struggling on my knees for this piece of cheese. The world? Oh, it’s watching, see? And coming after me on this treadmill
who am I? nothing feels right. I cannot see with sight or, at least not quite, my skin feels too tight  around this soul. around this hole; that's consuming me, their presuming me;
Conversation with strangers   Young man with eyes so green, with stories on your sleeves Was it love and pain, Or the thrill of freedom   Dear unknown Reserved,
It is I, but you probably don’t know me. Because I am a somebody nobody sees. Of course you may see --as we are all capable of doing-- but your eyes glance over me,
Dear World, I made a choice, I chose a chance A chance for freedom freedom for all For immigrants, for natives For love, no hatred. Hatred is a weapon A weapon I will not use.
Even now as I attend my art classes at college I hear people saying that you cannot make it in this world as an artist, and they write an invisible list in the wind of reasons for me to give up.
You want me to go far, aim for where I cannot see To see me happy with who I am and the direction I am headed You understand what I contribute to this world while I cannot
The student is where you start.The ultimate level one always in your heart.It is the beginning of all goals.Goals that develop into roles.
I am who I am I am that I am I am, I am
I am who I am I am that I am I am, I am
The systems still fucked It's gonna change The truth hits hard We can't be silent I can't be silent.
The weight of the world, a weight on the shouldershealed with the bonds of the hearts and their holders   Busy the world, the hassle it can bestill standing side by side the holders that see  
Is success solely based on a monetary value Or is it about impact, leaving behind memories as you recall what I tell you How do you plan to leave this earth Take the funds and run, or build deep on love for what it's worth
I am standing at the top, But I am not looking down.  I hear the world beneath my feet, But I am not looking down.  Instead I see the sky above, And I am not looking down.   
I dream as any other does, and I breathe. I see as any other does, and I cry.
I'm so not ready for the world to come crashing into my life this morning. But it never waits for me. I just want to be with you. The earth is so pretty. But it'd be prettier with you.
My bones are swollen. They swell against their joints. I know they are not. I know they can not. But that's how they feel. The needless in my feet, The bars in my mind. The shift feels like a
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, pleases let down your hair. Your beautiful but uptight, do not hold yourself captive up there, Your so smart, but oblivious,  Destined for something so... great, however unaware
What is love without the hate? Isn't that the grand debate? But if the bad were to deteriorate, there would be nothing for us to appreciate. When did the world get to this state?
My brain is always three steps ahead of my fingers and my soul is three steps ahead of my brain   I find my fingers bleeding from the letters scribbled across veins   and tea spills the river of dawn
Unbroken. Awoken. 17 with a lot of dreams. Every day they rip at the seams. Try to take my voice and I'll scream louder. Try to take push me down and I'll fight harder.
Some things are so beautiful it seems. They are only found in dreams. Like from a picture. Feeling unreal but being real mixture. Sometimes a moment in live.
I have encountered a knowledge that must be shared, Spread it around the world it is a cure for despair, A seed must be planted in this world full of tall tales, We must cut out the lies that was woven in our hairs,
As the light shines around me/       all I can see/ is the world broken to pieces/glass is shattered/scattered on the ground/there is no more green/rather everything is gray and brown/death hangs in the air/the fresh air is knocked out of me/what
Put the camera to my face, The world is just an image. I can capture what I want, And leave out all the baggage.   Put the camera to my face, The world is just an image.
Money - that is the world's currency. Evidently, it is also the world's ecstasy - what it runs on, and sadly what can make or break a situation.
We live in a society of possessions, wants and needs flow into one as we cling to items claiming we have to have them to survive.
Is the world a better place? Taking up pollution space to space Where do we stand in this? We are the ones who take the suicide kiss From source to source is Cadmium Next to Zinc, Mercury and Indium
"The terror rises higher The chasm grows wider The poison of a viper The eyes of a tiger The unseen sniper The victim of a striker The story of a writer The click of a lighter
"It's hard enough to live Without the hurt and pain But I can't seem to win Or stop the awful shame But since I'm not seen at all I watch my spirit fall And try to find a way
When I was in physics class I learned that an object with any amount of mass can store up any amount of potential energy based simply on its height and the force of gravity.  
On the news today (a boy, age eight - ) Trump called Kelly a bimbo a boy tripped into a million dollar painting  and
I am... The girl who saw the truth too early,  when I should not have glimpsed.  Like the tempted Eve I cast aside my Eden,  and have been expelled from the garden of roses. 
I have everything. I own nothing. In the reality of the world, this is my only truth, this is the only thing I know  to be true. Everything is available to me. There are no limits.
When was the last time? The last time you were aware of the wind brushing across your skin The last time you felt the texture of the grass and the rocks and the sand
Air that breathes in life
Air that breathes in life
Everything is awesome when.. We work together to change our society We stop focosing on a fake diety. We focus on success and not failure.  everyone is supportive of one another
Time, I’m begging you please Slow down for me You’re going too fast Like a child running mad   Yes, Like a child running mad   Time, please go real slow  
Mediocrity is dominant in the addressing of global issues.  'The world will heal, just give it time.'  That time is mine granted by
Movies, literature Culture in general This world is one of wonders Wonders that I am proud to experience   Diversity is abundant With much difference
should I say, I have known these armsor should I say, I've long known their facesI don’t need an eternal litanyof hymns before I believe them.......  
If we knew then what we know nowThat there were worms in their teaThat woes and headaches awaited usAt the end of the road beyond the seasWe would have pleated our dreams at home.  
Religion is meant to guild the people who don't have a way Countries/ territories/ boundaries are being given without a whim today
I am a masked face in the distance,
"A good wine mellows as it ages" is what my dad says in reaction to my passion. I don't want to here this because my feelings are real
When I was a child The world was so mild. But as I grew up everything changed Soon my mind set rearranged. I saw the poor and the greedy, The raging war, and the graffiti. With a world so sad,
Don't Don't push Don't push me I'm falling I don't need you to catch me I don't want to depend on you I'm  I'm tired I'm tired of pain So I'm tired of you But But I
You ask what I would change myselfWell, my friend, you seeThere's nothing I wish to change in myselfBe I'm perfectly flawed as me  
To change is to r                           e                             a                      r              r                  a                         n                  g      e
Chaos Habit Imagine    universe  creatures humans   infinite large small   indistinguishable measurable perspective  
The world is a paradox. You can see the sun shimmer off the crystal clear waters and the black spot and the broken ship. Mountains rise majestically from the ground, and you can almost see them through the smog.
We never made it It's still slavery We're still being whipped from the hands of the nation Dreams from a Kings crown wasn't correctly interpretated Yet we still think of it as nothing major
I am concerned and indulgent. I wonder if life pleads for the same dream as I do. I hear cries in this corrupted world. I see pain in the faces tha walk among us. I want forgiveness for every wrong doings.
It seems all around us we hear the world cry. We turn on the news to see the people scream and  lie. Our leaders sew stories to keep us in line. Our mothers pray that soon all things will be fine.  
Love joy peace to these we wish to comply The morals of which our ancestors applied We try to reach humanity with our peace talks and love speeches
Written by Elizabeth Elia
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