I am


I am concerned and indulgent.

I wonder if life pleads for the same dream as I do.

I hear cries in this corrupted world.

I see pain in the faces tha walk among us.

I want forgiveness for every wrong doings.

I am concerned and indulgent.

I pretend to be happy in hopes of never seeing another smile.

I feel at ease when everyone is happy.

I touch nature responding to the destruction in life.

I worry that hatred will conquer over all.

I cry when pain overwhelms happiness.

I am concerned and indulgent.

I understand I cannot make everyone happy.

I say that there's good in everyone.

I dream that all broken souls will be mended.

I try to be a savior for every beating heart.

I hope hearts and soulds will be joyful.

I am concerned and indulgent.


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