The Goddesses Within Us.

Never leaving time or space;

Always evolving but never a race.

We see them for their fabled powers,

But inside us their strength flowers.


From Norse to Greek,

From African to Chinese,

From Saxon to Egyptian,

Within us they sleep.


In our mothers we see them:

Freya, Tara, Ixcacao, Basthet, and Ixchel;

Bringing fertility to conjure.

And protection to armor. 


In our friends we feel them:

Parvati, Athena, Ananke, Epione, and Hlin;

From the support and encouragement they bring,

Strength and fortitude often spring. 


In our world we greet them:

Ostara, Gaea, Yemaya, Pele, and Mami Wata;

For the nourishment they speak upon,

And once again the seasons are here and gone.  


In myself I find them:

Tiamat, Hel, Atalanta, Aphrodite, and Sekhmet;

I may not always feel it,

But I know they are there.

Strength, beauty, love, and resilience.


Often forgotten, but never gone,

The goddesses of the past, present and future

Lead us on.

To success and dreams,

Through failure and disesteems, 

Within us they lay,

And they never stray.


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My family
My community
Our world
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