Growing Up in this World

When I was a child

The world was so mild.

But as I grew up everything changed

Soon my mind set rearranged.

I saw the poor and the greedy,

The raging war, and the graffiti.

With a world so sad,

It would drive you mad

To see those who suffered,

The words that were smothered.

Sometimes I wish I could not see

This depressing world in front of me.

For one day, I too would take place

In this worldly space

To face the evils of the day,

All the taxes I have to pay,

The corruption of the office,

The running of the lawless,

Stuck in the recession,

Putting up with oppression.

Where does the happiness go?

Down the tube before you know.

But still all is not quite lost,

If we are willing to pay the cost.

When we stand for our right

There will show a glimmer of light

With your head held tall

Loving one and all.

We can change the world for the better

By helping a poorly beggar

Or a dear friend in need.

From depression this world will be freed .











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