Cadmium Pollution Rap

Is the world a better place?
Taking up pollution space to space
Where do we stand in this?
We are the ones who take the suicide kiss
From source to source is Cadmium
Next to Zinc, Mercury and Indium
It’s silvery-white appearance
Will cause a ferocious kidney occurrence
It takes your body down
To a spiral of a kidney drown
Look around you taste no more
It’s in rice,vegetables, beans and even the makeups you pour
Consume too much, you’ll live in toxicity
But, the blame goes around in ferocity
The world is surrounded
Tied to all the mistakes we have become bounded
Cadmium is the beginning to the end
The body cannot handle it, too many wounds to mend
Take too much take too little
The problem and answer lies in a riddle
There is no solution
To the Cadmium Revolution
Don’t deny your health
Just because Cadmium hides in stealth
In small amounts it won’t kill
But, in compounds it fits the bill
Itai-Itai disease has a chance
In Japan they faced it at a glance
The world has diseases that spread like fungal
But then again...Welcome to the Jungle

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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