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Written by Elizabeth Elia

What would the people do, I wonder…
If tomorrow our bright shiny world,
The one wrapped in cheap paper, topped
With a bow as red as the rose,
Wrapped like a present to be set
Under the tree, to be placed in the
Child’s hands, what would the people do
If they could see as I now do
That this world hides behind a façade of
Brightly lit wrapping paper,
And topped with a great big
Bow, as red as the rose?
And one day the child will open his present to find
That all the present was is the paper.
For underneath, all that lies is
Earth. Today, now, the air, the dirt, the oceans.
A black and white, right and wrong world
Filled with hate and fear and sadness;
Murderers and liars and thieves…
What would the people do, I wonder
If their children
Their sons and their daughters,
Could see as I now do?
The rose is not as sweet as it looks.
Roses are red, roses have thorns…
What would the people do,
If tomorrow the world came crashing down upon them
Their lies revealed,
Their thoughts spoken aloud.
Everything visible to every child who,
Maybe even now
Right this moment
Holds this shiny present in their hands.
Waiting for the right day,
To take off that bow, red as the rose,
Rip off that cheap colored paper
And find nothing.



I love this poem I can see and understand every thing your saying here ...wat will pple say once they realize the truth in this world ...better yet wat will they do about love love this poem

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerful piece

keep writing

and spread the words of truth all across 

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