Don't Stifle Creativeness.


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Even now as I attend my art classes at college I hear people saying that you cannot make it in this world as an artist, and they write an invisible list in the wind of reasons for me to give up. Schools push academics over the arts telling us stories about starving painters and illustrators, yet neglecting to tell us the stories of thousands of people who never use their Maths,English or Science degrees.

We are told to go to university and not to see beyond the three-tier scheme set out for us.

School, College, University.

To some that is three layers of knowledge to quench their thirst to know more, but to me it's scary. I want to draw, paint and Create. Not to sit in a classroom and hate every single thing i am learning. That is why I chose Art.

Yet when I tell a group of people that is what i do, at least one of them tell me that it's not a realistic option. I'm told it so often that even I am scared for my future. I used to dream of the day where i could become an artist and just create until my hands ached, but now i am scared that i didn't choose what some people label practical. 

The world made me think that, but i take it with a grain of salt and i push through and tell myself i can do it, even if i have to work a boring job just to make rent but i will know in my heart that i am an artist.

The more i am told i will fail the more i carry on, as your words of discouragement become my encouragement to do exactly what i dreamed of.

Every single child in the world draws when they were young and when we attend school they teach us how not to. To put the creative squiggles in a box and keep them there. To convert them into perfectly formed cursive words.

We need a world where we draw and write alongside, where we are not pushed away from creativeness to force feed us knowledge, but to make room for the both of them.

So no more people give up on art to pursue a career they hate, but to let them create anything and everything they wish to.

This is a future we can be proud of.

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