Paradigm Shift

" Paradigm Shift"
is what they have named it-
this period,
so frightening-
with all its
But as with every change-
( transitionings'
there is still growth
and possibility.
Are we awakening
from a long night
only to find,
healing is the sole option?

As awe becomes more precious-
( it has not left)
it lies in brilliant blooms
of purple and fuchsia.

While for me,
I ever strive,
midst uncertainty and breakup
I continue my journey
to peace-
forging new pathways.

Lying on my bed,
eyes closed, music playing
I listen
to Chopin, Liszt
seeking a bliss...

I often wonder about "legacy"
( and while there is my poetry, yes)
I wish to be remembered as an igniter of hope,
a bearer of kindness-
for hope and kindness
are all we truly need.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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