Slave Patterns


We never made it

It's still slavery

We're still being whipped from the hands of the nation

Dreams from a Kings crown wasn't correctly interpretated

Yet we still think of it as nothing major

White versus black will be war we're forever facing

But dark versus light?

I pray that one day we'll see the light

And open our eyes

And realize this isn't right

That the ones that mysterically died

Are the ones that tried to make things right

I guess America is too stubborn for fixing

To this day, they still criticize 2pac's vision

He was the 90's Malcolm X so they got rid of him

And they still don't know who killed him

We're all just trying to make it, Trying to survive

Taking it day by day, praying we're alive

The next day, so we once again can see the sunlight

Like the ones in Africa, who many expect to die

But yet we are all princes and princesses

Uncrowned and then dressed by blindfolds and tresses

That enable us to the messes

That we're drowning in

Yet the ones that see, we're downing them

Cause freedom of speech is now frowned upon

And yet, its supposed to be "freedom for all"

Honestly, there's no freedom at all




This was amazing. Brilliant.

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