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It lives in lonely, restless, quiet nights with no one to talk to;     In physical imperfections screaming from reflections in the mirror.  
The monster underneath my bed Sang me lullabies in the night Which quickly turned to nightmares And gave me quite a fright!   But as I got older
Your mystery and beauty, to know it I once prayed A leap of faith to reach you, fallen broken and frayed Invisible in a crowd, alone like no other Through faceless strangers I see you, in the arms of another
i lost a little more of you today there must be a wormhole in the bathroom  because when you walked out  you couldn't remember who i was i showed you the television 
I close my mind and my eyelids remember sunflowers. my fingertips reminisce the top of sun soaked country road pavement. my back still feels the sun my ears memorize the breeze of windows down, 55, Hozier blaring.
I'll never understand the way you left and why. Forgiveness will be difficult, over three years went by. In all that time you never called or hardly even wrote.
I am still,but I move; in my head,
The reason people turn cold is because the body can no longer handle the fire constantly suffocating us from the inside. We've learned the more you scream the more smoke invades our lungs, choking our voice.
Hello there, little warrior boy Are you getting lonely? Cheer for the saints, It's the demons who own thee. Fall up and bare arms, Against king's of decree. Learn how to let go,
Who am I? But a demon in the deep. I might not be like you, But I still need air to breathe. Is it you who will drown me? You who force me down? I fight, not for a victory,
Smiling away Stuck in a cycle Earning their pay The same expressions recycled A feel of dull colors No escape from the future A mirage of numbers Where is the humor?  
When did my feelings become second to yours? Why are my opinions wrong and absurd? When did my silence become your turn to speak? Why, to you, am I small and weak? Why am I bad even if I’ve done nothing to you? Why, when I give the world, do you a
Whose blessing like an aimless leaf I believe that juice is what makes me reckless I fall in love too quick A smile and i'm gooey with the knees You laugh at a joke I hardly speak and it's night I weep
All alone on the coast With no time to tell you so How much you meant Mean to me  Now youre gone and i'm all alone   How the sun's shining  Never will be the same Like the day you left me
i need someone whose gonna love me and nurture me during my ups and downs For i cannot walk this path by myself  But it seems falling in love and settlin is not the plan mother venus has Forget fallin in love just being loveful is how im gettin do
I dreamed of home last night Home The dream was dark and silent There was no plot, setting, or characters It was me In the dark
Time heals all wounds But never the invisible ones. They linger in the shadows of my mind And they prey on my contentedness Ready to mutilate my life at any moment. Once they do They leave.
I find myself lost in the ocean but not the one that you think of when you think 'ocean' the liquid is my own thoughts drowning my talents discouraging my mind the water ever-deepening
Where has it gone? the time when  Happiness was a a light inside  the soul? It has been so long  since these were felt. All that remains  is a vacancy sign; flashing to a highway 
Every time I write I just want to find a way To tell you the same thing With words that are new Every time I write I hope this time someone will hear me differently Every time I write
Dear Siblings, You’ll never know me Not as a sister, More like a mother   Amelia, when you learn to drive I’ll be 30 8 years younger than Our parents are now  
Dear everyone, someone, anyone who will listen, Does the darkness scare you too? As its cold stare freezes your body; motionless. Its been around so long, I consider it a friend.
I didn’t mean to choose this. I didn’t ask to feel like this. But I do. I want to feel like normal people do, but I realized that I just cannot.
there's this jellyfishstuck in my headhe swims there day and nightand lights up the darkinside of my skulla bioluminescent, fluorescent jellyfishswollen and pinkhe likes to shock me
Because you love me you sat up all night Despite having work the next morning, early So I could cry over nothing Because my anxiety told me “Warning: OVERWHELMED”  
I wonder if you know what you do to me or what happens when you look into my eyes.   And I wonder if a heart could break from strain of staying away too long.  
Sometimes I'd rather die than continue to be swallowed by this deep, dark, depression of mine It's like a black hole that won't let go, and I can't escape with an inch of my soul
Waves crash The thunders roll Thrashing upon my drowning soul   How long must I await Before it becomes too late Only he holds the power to save   But does he know of the pain
I wake up trying to wash yesterday off of meOr out of me..All the thoughts, twitches, and goofy tears...
As I read the text, I am frozen in place. I’m crumbling inside, I’m fine mom, just give me some space. I can’t run or hide,
Every dream is not meant to be remembered But my dream of you I could never forget. Searching for your light through the darkness For the slightest traces of your flawless silhouette.
I started it again yesterday, slicing open my skin with a broken razor blade. I hid the broken peice of sharpened metal in my makeup compact, and I cried all day. 
We were friends right? Were we? No, we weren’t Why don’t I have an excuse for this query, at least to please maself……? You said he is my zephyr but how can it just tear me off?
The wind blows Trees shake I'm all alone in the hot sun   While the others laugh and play around I sit here without a sound   The wind blows Trees shake
People, people, people, we need people We need others to push us to improve Without them our good character is removed
I am Exhausted. Sleepy to my Very core. Worn out. Hollow. Point or pointless? Friends: Pros and cons? Love, comfort, joy. Worry, pain, lies. Escape is easy,
I'll always have these memories from when times were better no arguments... or awkward silence   One by one with each approaching year I become abandoned slowly, as time passes  
 some lonely only child playing hide & seek alone tags her reflection and dances away... she's king of the hill with no one to rule, and ring around the rosie just leaves her dizzy & sick...
 i'd like to find a lonely place to scream & not be heard...   a place where i can go to cry & not feel my tears absurd...   - 04/04/1996 12:21am - kenneth p rougeau jr
I sit in a room full of people, Looking upon teary eyes and blotchy faces. People who knew him longer than I, Better than I, Who shared jokes and stories and laughter and tears. I listen as they speak,
On nights when onyx raindrops start to fall, I’m often met by memories that I miss. The way you shone, like Helen, o’er them all, The way your ruby lips had felt to kiss. I think of how I held you ‘neath the sky,
If you come across a lonely girl With words as fine and frail as grains of sand, Tell her that most oysters lack a pearl, But do take into yours her tender hand.
Drown out the thoughts with sound, even when they ask me to turn it down.
I cant find a way to live this swollen life,
The cold and the confusion. The overlooked and the overdoses. The solemn and the silence. The fatigued and the forgotten. This is the only world I know.  
No one listen, No one hear, No one look ,in case you disappear.   No one pray for,  No one to cry, No one to wait for with hopes kept high.   No one to miss, No one to kiss,
For you;
Alone again, hallelujah! Alone again. This year the same as the last: Scraping the bottom of the barrel,
I became the shelter, a safe haven, a building of four cement walls and a celling. Study enough to survive the storms, and the battles outside of my doors.
no mouth can cry out in praise
Your sweet breath kisses my neck And your fingertips leave a trail of stars down my spine. I am saturated in your warmth. The vibrations rooted in our chests collide with the pounding of our hearts.
I lie in bed, drowning in its white sheets and feeling trapped by the dull grey walls that surround this oddly shaped room. I notice every imperfection this awful place holds. The cracks in the ceiling as deep as a canyon.
When the ocean is far awayand the wind is full of sand instead of salt,I dive back into the green pools offorgotten peace in your eyes.I swim through lakes of cheap vodkaand expensive memories.
What curtain? Where? Do you mean my shower curtain, Torn from the wall ages ago? Oops!
She twirls her blonde extensions,
Emotions share Many Similarites With water, both are Vital
I feel so alone, for I have no place in this world- but to roam. And every face looks down upon me. Disgusted eyes with a false smile. they ignore my silent plea, so I walk another mile.
Once upon a time I displayed a middle finger with a peace sign
The mystery in a hackneyed ballad
I'm looking in on a life that's not mine Its not even a nine You got me jealous Acting all over zealous You're far from perfect as can be seen by your life
I am where I began alone, to face the troubles. Trying to find peace, with none to be found. Hoping to find what I want; No Luck. Disconnected, left to fend for myself. I must grow up, must find,
  I have this weird obsession with the cold. Perhaps I’m simply Fascinated With familiarity, But it knows just the right ways to freeze to the bone Leaving the numbness of my heart
She told me to write a letter
The hollow persists in the space you've wrapped aroundBut the inner circle containsEmptiness, loneliness, painLike the drip, drip, dripThe flow from my brainIt never turns off, never goes, never slows
I don't know what happened, For everything just went black Feels like the world just stopped Now everything's just turning bad I Cant dry the tears falling from my eyes With my heart beating so fast
Peace cannot be found here Only oblivion is final peace Demons are everywhere here
Down, down, down I fall, down this dark descent 
Jimena hates living in this world She comes to a point where sanity and insanity become whole She struggles to understand the meaning of her existence 
When the darkness descends upon your skin,
Seventeen Im done Im sick and tired Of your shun Its icy Blizzardly My price Is misery I suffice. Im sick Im done. Youre not the only one. My head, it hurts
The reflection I see is not me. the person I want to be, is someone that I can't be. the things I say and do are different then what I want. I'm a person, who is lost. can someone find me?
The reflection I see is not me. the person I want to be, is someone that I can't be. the things I say and do are different then what I want. I'm a person, who is lost. can someone find me?
Soon will come a day A day in which my life begins The beginning of my time where my clock finally tics   Waiting inside this darkness I met you You camoflauged and kept yourself hidden
I am a stranger, everywhere… I am unknown to no one but myself… Rain, rain…go away as they use to say… Though, the beauty I saw, no one understood me. I see relief, and serenity.
  To whit the most passionate excesses wave from the body
It sucks to be alone Rather be alone than with deal with fakes Bestfriends??? I'm not sure they exist Not talking to many people Is something very rare Having to deal with things alone
you always fall asleep before me 
   Find me, look for me, where are you? Can you find me? Can you see me?  
Life's Masquerade By: Linda Oostendorp  
Once a man that had to fight, Spent all his life at a decent height, He used his size to scare people away, While his grandma had loved him every day,
  Yo dad You remember signing my birth certificate? I bet you were so glad What about when I first got my ears pierced You remember right You were there when I shed those tears
In childhood I learned, as the books I loved would say, that if you're pretty and it's earned, someone will take you far away.
Lonliness seems to hit at all the wrong moments, Like the wave that hits the shore so violently, even your body shivers. What is so unexpected is you sympathies with that wave,
Can a love be forever binding? To return when others cripple As thought of extraneous suitors sour. Relic of the time that has tick tocked, Souvenir of the heart's gift shop,
i don't matter like a snowflake every one different and beautiful all in their own way yet all the same   as they flowly fall into reality no one notices they fill the world
My heart is of a cold bottomless chasm  Ever since you left me in this barren and wretched world I seek for your comfort and embrace Yet, everything is still in my way
You confront me with your fears and all your selfish desires But have you ever thought that your obstacles or hurdles you've compiled? You never lifted a finger or even got off your ass
I inhale embers and spit fire. You're fireproof. Wishing in vain you'd be engulfed by the pyre. You're fireproof. Say it ain't so that when the lights turn low the fire doesn't light the room. 
 fffffffffffffIn the dark of the nightBy the light of the moonI sat without frightKnowing he would come soon
Voices haunt my sleep. Soaring shadows awaken my soul. Falling far, far, far down into the depths of ruins and caves you left empty for my arrival.
Confused With no one to talk to I'm so confused How will I vent to hold down the tears For no one seems to be here My mind is so dark and weird With no one to talk to I'm so confused
Nothing seems to work Nothing could ever be said I am never heard   Nobody can hear Nobody will listen now I am never heard   Silence is comfort Silence is my company
I can't wake up, I think I’m still dreaming Lost, alone, my mind still teeming Screaming Back to reality I'm stuck between yesterday and today When I cried and begged you to stay To say We are infinity
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!I wake up to my alarm going off...another day,another scar. I slowly get out of bed and set to my morning chores.I take a shower, get dressedthen I put on the darkest make up,to express my feelings. I skip breakfast...
It’s hard to miss something you never really had, But that’s all part of not having a dad Don’t get me wrong, I wish he were here, But like always he’s no where near. He’d be angry to know I’ve lost all respect, 
She walks, shivering under the snow's falling, warming the bones up the best she can. But her body's lean and fragile, vulnerable, a target. Her body does it's best to defend against the winter's harsh chill, but its so difficult.
In a large round fishbowl- trapped in this world. Fed lies and sold to whomever would buy. I see things that are out of reach- like the caring souls that look on in pity- that don't have the means to save me.
I'm a statistic because of my family.I'm the derivative of a broken home.A shattered background of instability and hardship defines me.The remnants of my childhood are just bits and pieces
                                                               Sinner are lairs who sweetly Roll a golden red apple into the world. Like bombs they go off boom boom
The wandering wind, a playful dog,/ Floats into the city, desperate for love./ Nudging people playfully, puffing, blowing lovingly,/ Would be satisfied with the slightest smile,/ But not even that is given./ They zip up their jackets and go on the
She stares in darkness her smile twisted her eyes blackened Who is this demon? Tears of blood fall she screams in pain oh God, my sweet God Where are you now? Kiss my stained lips
A mirage upon the endless sands The heat whispering for you to sleep Your body slows to the movement of the timid wind The will to survive has vanished like the waters
Sometimes it burns When someone says “hello” The opening line For a line of conversation To be ended with the line “good bye” But instead says no such line. That person will just leave
The Hope, It sits there. Right there. Trapped. The Hope, Is yelled at, Is tugged at, Yet it sits there. Right there. Waiting.
Alone in this dark room, i begin to ponder About lifes goals, so I let my mind wonder Venture out into the depths of my thoughts And invision how well my mind has been taught Picturing myself as whatever I want to be
I see you Your hand is raised You shake with anger I have bruises I have to keep them hidden I can't let anyone see Its my fault I can't let them know I'm afraid it'll hurt more if I do
In the early evening, I come home from the park. And inside my house there are shadows in the dark!
If my heart was singing It'll crescendo lovely notes Repeatedly singing I want a sunday kindof love So I don't mourn monday Leave me broken on tuesday Over thinking on wednesday
Here we go again The record players broken Its hard to miss Hearing all that’s unspoken I’m sick of this Waiting for the lights to go out
I. Summer, the dramatic scene As the stars are blinking, fading in and out, the bright moon smiles, slowly rising in the navy blue sky.
I knew that when I’d fall asleep, I’d only dream of you. And of the Last rose I’d ever get from the man that loved me too. And when the night is over, I wake up and I cry.
To travel alone, Through a lonely desert. Everywhere you look, Dunes of sand. No one to share your company, No one to stand by your side. Tis a lonely world, this world can be.
What is loneliness? One might ask Is it a black hole? Destroying Annihilating Everything around it Leaving nothing behind
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