A message to my Lonliness

Soon will come a day

A day in which my life begins

The beginning of my time

where my clock finally tics


Waiting inside this darkness

I met you

You camoflauged and kept yourself hidden

well amongst friendship and companions


You were way too sly

A fox if ever you had a true form

You played on my strong desires

And nestled into my beliefs of belonging


I thought I knew you

Though you knew me more than I knew myself

Enticed me with your secondhand love

I guess anything can be great with nothing to compare


Though I know that day will soon come

One when the light illuminates your sinister form

Where your camileon cloak wears off

and I catch you like a deer in the headlights...


So here's to you

that tight feeling I get that follows "I love you"

The uneasy scratch I get on my left hand

Tells me of my future loss


It was great while it lasted

this relationship we had

But that day will come when we must part

For you are a constant reminder...


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