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"NIGHT LONG" *This society is seeming, if you can't not and haven't involve in atrocious things you seem counted out in the society.*
How does it feel? Don't you wish you picked anything else? Don't you wish for a brand new self? For a price, just your life... I can set you free
i'm stuck in a game of tug of war.   on one side is my desire to please him --   the other, my insatiable hunger for less serious,   tall,   dark,   handsome pleasures.
I look at you and I see so much you have hidden from others and the world.All your pain, the untold fears, the scars and even the thought of deathhas plagued your mind once upon a time.I speak to you looking in your eyes,
Dear Old Me, Hello back there. It's me, your future self. Go sit down, Prepare to frown But know it won't last long. I know you are So innocent, Though you may be rotten.
He stands in the cornerShade a shadow of black thoughts in my headDraws weights in my skin drawing out
The pipes played as the piano sang along its keys, while twelve ladies danced, Travelling across with unprecedented beauty. Step by step. No falter could be seen. Elegance and grace surrounded the sisters.  
Do not fall in love with a sandy haired, blue eyed boy. He will clumsily walk along the edge of the sidewalk with a stick in his hands. Awkward laughter lingering in the cold of february,
                     When I close my eyes all I see is darkness,                          then I open my eyes all is see is light.                               So, I crawled beneath my bed
There's an intangible outside force that consumes me. It's dark, fierce, and rugged. I become enveloped by it, wrapped in its jaws, as I aimlessly fall into its deep, boundless abyss.
I can hear him whisper in my ear, he calls my name, controls me with fear.   These vile demons running in my head, live in my dreams and beneath my bed.   I feel guilty.
Falling Down, down Reaching Up, up Trying to grasp onto a lifeline To save me from the shadows lurking behind Following me everywhere I go Hiding in the depths of my mind
The moon herself will hide shamed in your light. How then could this mortal hide, his madness for you!
If there's one thing I should ask you, if there's one thing you're to keep well-kindled into memory, it's "Don't let me fall asleep."   He can only reach out through my dreams; to slumber's my mistake.
Krytonite, It's not your full lips, Your sleepy wanting eyes,  The way you kiss my hips Or shake my thighs. Temptation, It's the fact that I feel vulnerable for the first time,
I’m 60% water Every cell in my body is living For that intricate H2O   I persevere to stretch My ambitions To be boundless Like the water That sneaks and slides
For you,I'd hand the sun over on a silver platterB r i g h t  and  a i r y,Enveloping you in warming rays of goldI'd compliment the way it shaped your face-Silhouetting the bones beneath the surface
How to avoid getting burned If the flames feel so good From righteousness I have turned Eating the forbidden fruit   Immortality is my wish
I kill myself Slowly but surely Because I delve Into black lagoons.   The darkest depths Swaddle me, surrounding
Everybody experiences it Temptation. What should Make your Any different than Everybody elses? We are all HUMAN We all face DIFFICULTY That is what makes us Who we are
Guilt speaks desperately and the infinite stream of sanity
I ache for the scent and the touch of your skin The tingles that tangle me from within The plump bloody rush that courses unsimmed The pleasure thrilling each soft settled skim 
the serpent says I should
I remember the morning I was riding my tricycle
A fear that cannot be tamed An evil that cannot be forsaken A scream that cannot be heard   These are the demons Who haunt us every day Who taunt the sanctity of salvation
The night
The night
We're taught to read and comprehend, to understand each word written, even the reason for the order they're in.   We're taught to write, our feelings exposed on a thin sheet of lines,
Temptations, deceit Tricked, trapped, but it looks so good Ways of sin and men
Lazy days and dogs that won't stir, I hope you're happy I hope that you're Sincerly relaxed and seriously invested In the ethical victories over those you've bested.  
The devil is chasing me  Always has been  Since the day I was conceived  He tries to make me give in    Though there're many enticements  And many temptations 
"I've Learned" by Nicholas Jones.In my 18 years of life,I've yearned for happiness,And I've yearned for strife,I've learned of death,And I've learned of life,
  Pulsating through my body is a dark light -   A light darker than any night.   My eyes look like liquid fire-   I spread my black wings, and fly higher and higher.  
  Skipping daintily on his merry little toes The Pied Piper plays his tune. And laughing happily as he goes His eyes do glisten like the moon.   He beckons on with fiery force
The life of light is sweet,           The still of dark is not           As I sit here and weep,           My heart begins to rot.           My life without a smile,
The life of light is sweet,           The still of dark is not           As I sit here and weep,           My heart begins to rot.           My life without a smile,
I shall repent? I shall forgive? Woe is me. God will you listen please! Don't let it be. Don't shy away, have you seen what sin has done to me? There's a hole in my heart where hell has been bestowed upon me. Forever and a day...
Like little dropletsOf blood,Temptation dangles,
an exhausted skelleton  merely clanking, rotting bones huming hushed whispered memories walking along this dark enclosed tunnel lost and forgotten  the purposes  the motivation of continuing
Intrigued by your mystery,  captivated by your suspense, but you're Forbidden. Like eve nothing can stop this desire, you radiate Temptation.
Our daughters with rusty needle and red glass 
Walls, built sturdy and tall.Doors, built to let people in.These walls make a tower,         I threw away the key.All in an effort, to keep you from me.
Such a fiend is she, Who wrapped chains about his breast
As I look up in the sky,
 They say that we can be lovers, but not just friends.
She said we'll never talk about it again That doesn't mean she won't think about it I did wrong And I feel like shit Why do I always fall into the Devil's temptations?
You’ve Got Mail I remember the movie well; Full of incomparable romance, Soul-mates of a sort Long since found
I could paint you a portrait. But I'd Rather hand you this photograph. I was only seventeen. She was my temptation On my heart you'll spot her autograph Decorated with Love and a lot of laughs
Mysteries dash across his face from the flickering flames, Telling me of conceived lies and untold treacheries. Staring aimlessly his storm blue eyes invite me in his mischief.
Like flowers growing in the winter, you want to know my secret.  A rose growing from concret, I'm unique. An incomplete puzzle, I'm the piece you need.  A book with no pages, what is my story. 
I have tasted the sweetness of a fruit that no one has had the courage to expel. It is the fruit that with such flavor brought down the world and created the hell that burns us with its tongue of desire. Oh, to have a bite is a simple delight.
A dance of sorts, Fast like a tango, Slow like a waltz, And a little quick Like a cha cha tap. I dance to its beat Whether is 1 or 3 Turning and turning Until my legs get weak.
(poems go here)She lays in wait for her next play She does not waste her time at all She jumps at every chance she gets And leads a man to his down fall
Beautifully wrapped, glisten with moisture. Your perfume is an intoxication. You should be illegal. But no, you are temptation. Like a doll, a glass divides us. Decorations surround you but
Running from the Sensation you create, Sexual Feelings increase my heart rate. Shivering from the emotional roller coaster, Accidental crash sends my nerves flying high over.
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