I’m 60% water

Every cell in my body is living

For that intricate H2O


I persevere to stretch

My ambitions

To be boundless

Like the water

That sneaks and slides

Into bottomless holes

And catches the atmosphere

As it rises


Water is boundless

The way my destiny should be

Water is the product of my

Hard working reactants

But it isn’t all I need


My direct vision doesn’t

Extend to seeing water

It may be in the back of my mind

But it isn’t all I need


Directly in front of me

Is thirst



         I can feel in my drying bones


         I can taste on my salty lips


         My first sense of fear


Thirst brings me

The instincts of survival

With thirst

Never am I more focused


Never have I gripped onto

Life harder


I know water as the

Mother’s arm reaching out

On my first day of school

But I know thirst as

My chubby feet

Making my way over


I know water as the

Foothold for life,

Like the basic block

Of the food pyramid

But I know thirst more intimately

Like a temptation that

Doesn’t dissolve


Water is physical

Thirst is mental

And my mind has always pushed me farther 

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