A Thousand Times Over

For you,
I'd hand the sun over on a silver platter
B r i g h t  and  a i r y,
Enveloping you in warming rays of gold
I'd compliment the way it shaped your face-
Silhouetting the bones beneath the surface

For you,
I'd climb the highest mountain
S c r e a m  from the very  t o p
That I would do it all again
If it meant a smile would stroke itself upon your skin
I'd shiver in the snow caps waiting for my love to reach you

For you,
I'd give my life without a blink of an eye
Nothing short of  l o y a l t y  lodging itself between my lungs and ribs
For you,
I'd give the world  h e l l  if a single tear dared rain down your face
Throbbing heartbeats that beat only for you
Slamming fists upon the ground- the world dare not bring you shame

For you,
I'd carve our initials into every tree trunk 
Marking ourselves as one with  n a t u r e
A dangerous spell I'd only be willing to do for you
Sharp knives upon ridged backs- our names embossed for  c e n t u r i e s

For you, f o r e v e r

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