Sweet Temptation

I could paint you a portrait. But I'd

Rather hand you this photograph.

I was only seventeen. She was my temptation

On my heart you'll spot her autograph

Decorated with Love and a lot of laughs

Sort of makes you think, if time flies,

Is this gonna last? We're living fast

Inscribed our names in the sand,

So far from cliche,

Because we were the first to do it.

So easy to wash away, 

Why couldn't we see the signs?

Nobody's perfect, well, maybe you, not I.

Unless it's a huge disguise. In that

Case, I'll just use my mind, picture

you in the newest rides, sincerest eyes,

Right beside me. Now, that's motivation.

Sweet temptation.




Your poem is really good!! but you spelled huge wrong, just to correct your mistake!!


Did not notice the misspelling. Thanks for the comment


i love it. great use of metaphors. 


Thanks, I really appreciate it. 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

poem is great

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