Temptation Defys Learned Lessons

We're taught to read and comprehend,

to understand each word written,

even the reason for the order they're in.


We're taught to write,

our feelings exposed on a thin sheet of lines,

no security for our worst fears and deepest emotions.


We're taught to learn from others experiences,

that our own mistakes are repetitions,

that nothing we do hasn't already been done.


We're taught to listen,

that our elders are wise,

because age testify to obstacles overcome.


We're taught to face those standing in our way,

with smile's, please's, and thank you's,

ignoring their disrespect.


We're taught to be honest,

that the truth will set you free,

that lies are useless, wastes of breath.


We're taught there is a God,

to respect the unseen,

that our daily live attests to his existence.


We're taught to elude our temptation,

that temptation uproots our balance in life,

yet temptation is the reason we strive everyday.


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