Sirens' Songs

I kill myself

Slowly but surely

Because I delve

Into black lagoons.


The darkest depths

Swaddle me, surrounding

Me with little lengths

Of lying twine.


They twisted it

over my crib

And watched it flit

Into the pools.


It ties me down

Like dragging sirens

That rejoice and drown

With sloppy steps.


I thrashed and pulled

Against the strands.

Though coated in gold,

They sliced through my hands.


And so I sank

And stopped my screams.

And then I drank

In darkened dreams.


I said my tears

Were happily sewn,

Though the sirens’ jeers

Were faintly blown.


I felt the sand

Between my toes.

The water was bland

But drowned my woes.


Sitting there in the salty bath

The water’s cold had reached my bones.

The sirens continued there to laugh

And a fearsome rage began to blow.


The geyser’s might

Had launched me high.

My shimmering fright

Floated me towards the sky.


I finally gulped

That vapid air,

Then began to sculpt

Myself more fair.


The sirens tried

To twine me round,

But swam in fright

With my might abound.


Now I rest

Upon these planks,

I’ve done my best

To dry my flanks.


So when I hear

Those sirens call

I laugh and jeer

About their gall.


I’ve sharp harpoons

To pierce your skulls,

So swim away

You slimy gulls!


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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