Of the Fallen

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 17:55 -- 13KelHe


Such a fiend is she,

Who wrapped chains about his breast

And pulled him low to earth,

Where, alas, he finds no rest


Oh heavenly views

Once graced his innocent eyes.

With angels he sang,

Where only the spirit flies.


Now captive he lies

To beauty so deceptive,

Drawn into the dark

By a charm so effective


That a warrior's heart

Surrenders its divine rest

To dance with demons;

His deadly weakness confessed.


An angel, she stole,

While he was sleeping that night.

A kiss she bestowed

And her lips he could not fight.


So by day he stands,

Viewing his celestial home

From the ground below.

No more, those clouds can he roam.


Yet once more she calls,

Singing still the siren's song.

The same tune he fears,

By his suffering prolonged.


His thoughts are above,

But his body lies below.

Her chilled, tender touch,

The only comfort he knows.


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